Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ONE DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO SAVE THE EARTH :)

So this past Saturday I was in Philly. Saturday morning I went over to Buffalo Exchange in Center City to consign some of my discarded goods and what do I have the pleasure of finding? In celebration of earth day (April 16th) Buffalo Exchange was having a ONE DOLLAR SALE!!!! And let me tell you it wasn't full of a bunch of junk either. There were tops bottoms, dresses, jewelry, shoes you name it. No tax. However, its outside and you have to keep everything outside. But who cares it's a DOLLAR! If I had known I would have been there when the door opened and equipped a ton of money! They have it every year so next year I will be prepared. Here are a few of my gorgeous finds. MUUAHHH!


Gorgeous blazer w/ rhinestones on the lapel. Muuahhh!

Star Trek Sexy! Not everyone said Muuahhh to this but I most certainly LOVE WHAT I SEE!

Very cute palazzo pants and Hugo Boss t-shirt. Everything was $1.00!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Back from hibernation!!

Ok so I know I've been slipping but I've been hard at work on my new very exciting blog. Coming soon by the way. I am on the hunt for a sexy summer look for my latest story and I haven't for a dress yet but I did find these cute silver wedges. Yes sir and mam! I got the inspiration I needed. The story and the will be up NEXT! :)
Here they be!

Super cute !

Suede magenta BCBG's. Love the studs.

Not so much Spring summer but the color is to die!

And the I love the sexy thick heel. I would totally rock these babies if only they were my size!