Monday, February 28, 2011

Hot Shoes!... More to come :)

Sexy Shoes are just so fun to look at. Ha even though I can't fit most of the shoes I post on here they are still so gorgeous! These creme Italian peep toe pumps are seriously to die ! Stay tuned for my new styling blog Date Night Shopping. Its going to be GREAT!Muuahhh!

The Oscars: My Favorite Girl Muuahhh

So many gorgeous looks at the Oscars tonight. Marissa Tome looked amazing in her 1950 couture Charles James dress from Lily et Cie. Talk about show stopper!

Amy Adams also wore a great dark blue dress by L’Wren Scott.I wasn't to sure about the necklace with the dress but the bracelet, thumbs up, the dress two thumbs up! Yum!

However, my absolute favorite girl is the lovely Rachel Zoe my very favorite fashion stylist! She is a complete knock out in this gorgeous number. You cant even really tell she's pregnant. I'm still hunting for the designer but I had to post this Immediately! Of course it's also on her website,
Click on the pictures to see the dresses up close! Muuahhh!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow and Straw

I am sooo over the cold weather and the damn snow, has got to go. I've been trying all day to take my mind off of the gloomy weather thinking about my favorite spring things and came across a couple of my straw bags. Although, I personally don't think straw bags are just for the warm weather. I want to learn how to make them some day. They are gorgeous. See for yourself.
Adorable tan colored Straw Pouch with yellow and orange stripes. The colors definitely make me think of spring.

Love this black rectangular shaped straw bag with the multi-colored flap.Looks like an envelope.

And of course I saved my absolute favorite last! Isn't she lovely?

I love the little beaded trees!

And the awesome zipper detail.Muuahhh!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rihanna News - Rihanna's 'S&M' Video: Banned in 11 Countries and Censured on YouTube...BUT! CHECK OUT RAHEEM DAVAUGHN'S HOT AND HEAVY VIDEO

Rihanna News - Rihanna's 'S&M' Video: Banned in 11 Countries? - Celebuzz

Ok so I think most people already know that Rihanna's new video "S&M," which fashionably fabulous and might I add genius in it's message to stick it to judgmental and extremely cruel public, has been banned in 11 countries for being to sexy. Complete and utter bullshit in my opinion, but whatever. However I'm not really sure how many people have seen Raheem DaVaughn's video, "She's Single," which in my opinion is waayyyyy more scandalous than anything in the Rihanna video. Now I understand that the Raheem Video is not being aired on television (to my knowledge anyway). However, YouTube has put an advisory on the Rihanna video and requires viewers (18 and over ) to sign in in order to watch it.Whereas, all you have do to see the Raheem video is type that bad boy up and wala! Now I actually really love both video's. I love both artists and I think both songs give you something to think about. But the Raheem video is much more scandalous in my opinion and the shock factor is like 10 times greater than S&M. I hope no one mistakes this post for me knocking Raheem. His music is superb,and he has loads of style. I'm just saying that I definitely don't think it's cool of YouTube to perpetuate a double standard like that. If you are gonna censure one than censure the other. Click on the link above and the video below to compare.Let me know what you think. Muuahhh!

Little Silver Bunny

So I had no Idea that February was Adopt a Rescued Bunny month. I'm having a bit of writers block today but I do think this little bunny broach that I found in my make up bag is rather charming. There are some links below that have some more info on bunnies, their personalities and how well work as pets. Enjoy! Muuahhh!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage 80s Fashion Video: Williwear

I absolutely had to do a Black History Month blog. Although I love people like Tyra, Naomi and Iman I wanted to pay tribute to someone a little less mainstream. Above is an awesome fashion video by Willi Smith displaying his gorgeous line called Williwear. Willi Smith was an innovative fashion designer of the 1970's and 80's, who sadly died at the height of his career. The concept behind Williwear was to provide "real clothes," for everyday people who could not afford couture prices.(Big Band Cares.(2000)Willi Smith 1948- 1987 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Considered the most successful African American clothing designer in, February 22,2011) He emphasized that his clothing was, " Not for young people who like to look a like." And was not completely happy with his clothing being nick named "Street Couture," (Big Band Cares.(2000)Willi Smith 1948- 1987 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Considered the most successful African American clothing designer in History,, February 22,2011)in the fashion world. Never the less he designed for the people, stylish,fashionable people! To me he is a true artist and a major inspiration. What a shame it is for the fashion world to have lost someone like him, and at such a young age. To read his biography click on the link below and also check out the video. It's genius!MUUAHHH!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Breakfast Purse!

So I had yummy blueberry pancakes and spinach eggs for breakfast this morning which made me think of this adorable olive green egg shaped purse from the 60's. Its completely to die!

Sorry I devoured the whole plate before I even thought to show you guys! :( Enjoy the bag though. Muuahhh!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Immortal Resale Birthday Event: Awesome Experience

I had a lot of fun at the Immortal Uncommon Resale Event. I went with my friend Isha and we met some of Caren's friend's including an awesome photographer from California named Rita. Hopefully, she and I will do a collaboration soon to get the word out about Immortal. The store looked great as always and Caren made some amazing cookies that I devoured of course. My friend Isha got some amazing jewelry. Unfortunately I couldn't get anything this go round but I still had great time. I took some pictures of the jewelery and a few of the hand bags. Hope everyone enjoys !

Awesome Lime green TUMI tote bag!

Beautiful Chocolate Patent Leather Moschino Bag :). Yum!

So I don't usually make attempts to do full length pictures because all I have is my camera phone but I felt like I had to show my dress and jacket cuz they are my absolute fav! :)

This purple leather Jacket is TO DIE! The detail on the shoulder is my very favorite.

Love this pin!

This necklace is gorgeous! I love chunky necklaces like this with the huge beautifully colored stones. Who needs clothes with Jewelery like this! Muuahhh!

I personally am not that big on furs but these were amazing and in excellent condition.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day : Yummy Shoes

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I hope everyone has romantic plans with their love bug today! Please feel free to share your v-day plans. I would love to hear them. Today I just wanted to show off some of my favorite pink shoes in honor of V-day, since I have a BRAND NEW love for pink. Above are a really cute pair of pink pumps from BCBG. Not Vintage of course but totally cute and very appropriate for Valentine's Day They are Size 10 and they are to die! I wish I could fit them :(.

Below are two adorable pair of pink loafers. The leather is insanely soft and they are very comfortable. They are both size 7 and I totally wish I had at least one pair.Next year I will be sure to put this kind stuff up before Valentines Day so just in case people want to buy before then.HUGS AND KISSES! Muuahhh!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love this purse :)

So I love purses but my shoulder reject them for the most part.They just won't stay up! I am gravitating toward fanny packs ( one of which I put on hold at IMMORTAL. The pic is below.) I also love cute little purses with an extra long strap so that I can ear it across my body. Wala! Problem solved. I especially love the one above very cute black, Ann Taylor one with the quilted pattern, and the gold hardware on the strap. Yummy! Muuahhh! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

These boots are made for walkin: Cute Boots!

So I work part- time at as a tutor for elementary school children and I always scope out the little fashion plates at my school. I am usually never disappointed. School is always the biggest fashion show no matter what age you are ( as an educator I should definitely not be advocating such a thing but schools out sooooooo I AM!) Anyway, unfortunately I'm not allowed to take pictures of the kids but I did spot some very cute boots the other day being worn buy one of the teacher's while I was waiting for my students in the cafeteria. I have really been going crazy over camel tan and brown colored boots lately and these are ever so cute. The coolest part about them is that she got them at Rainbow I have to investigate price and size but I just wanted to share. Muuahhh!

Friday, February 4, 2011


So I was out and about in center city this morning. I was at the corner of 18th and chestnut and just so happened to look up and see a display of lovely dresses in the window across the street on the second floorIt. The sign in the window read IMMORTAL Uncommon Resale. Of course I had to explore. When I smell vintage I ALWAYS follow the trail. And indeed it lead me to hidden treasure. It is an unbelievably charming store. Very clean, everything very neatly arranged and sorted. The place is filled with authenic vintage designer dresses, furs, coats, purses, shoes, bags, eye-wear and jewelry. The prices are all very reasonable ranging anywhere from 25 dollars for a beautiful sequin blazer to 250 dollars for a vintage Gucci duffel bag, there is also a lay away plan! I put an awesome forest green moschino fanny pack on lay away. It is 65 dollars and in mint condition. The owner of the store is named Karen and she is a wonderful lady. Very friendly and passionate about what she does. You can really tell by how knowlegdable she is about her products and how much pride she takes in the appearance of her store. For me it was truly love at first sight. I was so surprised to learn that she has owned this store for 14 years, yet I have never seen it! Crazy! I lived in philly from 2000 to 2006 and I had never seen it until today. She is having a 14th anniversary party on February 19th from 4-8pm. I will surely there! All are invited ! Be sure to R.S.V.P. to Karen @ 215-563-2344. There will be wine, cheese and homemade pastries and a ton of sales!!! Enjoy the pictures. Muuahhh!

Below is my fanny pack. Im going back to get that baby.

And the gorgeous gucci that I couldn't afford but will be dreaming and drooling about until we meet again.