Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I'm  a little bumbed cause I cant find my new red glasses at the moment. I actually do think that I know where they are. I'm guessing hidden in the heap of mess in my clothes closet. Meaning, its time to clean and get organized. However, I did find these beauties above which I have added to I have to say if they don't sell I wont be too upset cause that means I will get add them to my very sparse collection. Below are some pics of me playing in the mirror.Muuahhh!!!!!

I'm sure I'll find them soon.
 Just got these at laila rowe, in sale of course.
 Who makes Mr. Magoo look cooler than me? No one.
 Do I look like Kanye? Ha!
 Look kinda cross eyed here. But I love these go them for 3 bucks at the thrift.
 My favorite aviators from H&M. On their last leg.
 The blue ones.
Filenes for 5 dollar I love them.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Style @ Starbucks: Cute Bag !


   I woke up yesterday not feeling well at all and then started to feel even worse once I remembered that I had to go to work. Uuugh. So I dragged myself in only to find that I was scheduled to work next Friday and that I had taken a train and a bus in the cold for nothing :(. After getting my schedule straightened out I went to the Starbucks next store to have a snack and wait for the next bus. Starbucks is definitely my favorite places to visit 1) for the hot chocolate 2) fashion. It may sound weird but my absolute favorite thing to do is people watch. So many really cool looking people that come in and out. One day 2 girls came in the store wearing school hoodies and multi- colored tights one had a pair of mens briefs on her head with her two pony tails coming out of the leg holes and the other one wore hers over her tights. FUN! If only I could rewind time. :)Anywayz! I spotted two adorable ladies having lunch together, it was the cutest sight. Both were very stylish and casual but one imparticular was carrying the cutest bag. It was a gray leather bag with a huge bow that she said she purchased from Macy's. I am currently completely in love with bows right now. I almost chickened out of approaching her but then got a last minute urge to say something to her as I was on my way out. I Also posted a pic of my favorite, green party clutch with a big bow. What do you think? Muuahhh! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Finishing touch: An awesome inner circle :)

I spent the weekend in Philly and had a much needed girls weekend. I helped the girls shop for new pieces got treated to an top notch 3 course meal and topped everything off with my very favorite movie, SEX IN THE CITY!!! I did begin the weekend in bad shape. But it is very easy to get caught up in the sadness and miss the purpose of an undesirable situation. I am very blessed to have people in my life who not only care about me but really love me. It's extremely touching. This weekend was the perfect combination of friend food and fun! On friday I went followed my sister to several stores in Center City Philadelphia including two of my favorites Retrospect (vintage) and AIDS thrift, on 5th and Bainbridge where I helped her pick out several awesome pieces!( I will post pics later ). She did however gift me these awesome red glasses from Retrospect, which I will wear OOOOUUT!

We also visited and awesome consignment shop called Bella Boutique on 4th and south. Love! I saw this amazing Fausto Puglisi blue and red fur. This piece among several others was totally out of my price range and fabulous!Love the short sleeve and the green satin lining. Muuahhh! Didn't get to photograph everything that I loved cause we were in a hurry to make it to AIDS Thrift but the store is awesome.

 On Sunday we paid a visit to ETERNITY FASHIONS! Although not a vintage or thrift store  my sis and my friend found some very club dresses and bought me this phenomenal black beaded bag decorated with colorful wooden flowers. Its my fav! I can't wait to wear it!! I also want to mention that the bag was originally 35 dollars and the guy at the store lowered knocked the price down to 20. The staff was very polite and extremely attentive and we got some cool coupons for 20% off of our next purchase, though the store is already very affordable. Very cute leggings too ( pics coming soon!). Its in Center City on Chestnut street between 16th and 17th street.

Last but not least I got treated to an awesome dinner at table 31 which was a supreme experience. Very good food, wonderful service and of course the greatest company of all. I had the Margherita Pizza, The Roasted Norwegian Salmon and Scallops and for dessert Warm Apple Crostata ( took the crostata home and ate the ice cream at the restaurant so that's why there is no picture). All of which was yummy! Even though the weekend was about US and not me I sure did feel special and I also learned somethings like: appreciation is powerful and pivotal in the redirecting a negative circumstance and that "misery is selfish," which I don't think really needs much explanation. MUUAHHH!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Princess Boy

      I just got finished watching  this clip of a this ultra fabulous show called " A New Day." This episode features a tremendously unique little boy and his awesome family. This little boy exemplifies whats it means to love what you see. Children don't know how to do anything else but love themselves and the world around them. However, adults corrupt and bombard them with what is "right" "wrong" "normal" exceptable etc., attempting to program their children like androids. It kills their creativity and stifles their self expression. As the psychologist in the clip mentions, it's important to guide and help harness your child's creativity and self expression because it makes them less suseptable to depression and anxiety and more likely to have high self esteem. At a time when little children are commiting suicide because that are terrified of what the world will do to them for expressing their true self this is something to seriously consider. I'm going I get the book, " My Princess Boy," as soon as possible.

My Princess Boy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wear it. Don't let it wear you out! : Me and my hair

    So I decided I wanted a new look! Which is always supposed to be fun, right? Well in this case it was a very emotional. Initially I wanted to do a really cool mohawk  and color my hair and just a whole bunch of craziness. But I had to refocus the vision for my look because I realized that my scalp infection was still healing. So all of my hair plans would have to come to a hault. I was so bumbed out I started crying! Ridiculous, right?! I have always been overly comsumed with my hair, always. Infact as long as I can remember my hair has dictated my mood in general. If I dont like the way my hair looks I can never take my mind off of it enough to enjoy the moment or focus on something I want to accomplish. It's been a sick obession of mine for almost all of my life. I hate even wearing a cute outfit if I dont like my hair. So the realization I came to after I was done being dramactic was that, " I AM NOT MY DAMN HAIR!" It really is time to grow-up in 2011. Developing true personal style happens from the inside out. Dressing up is tons of fun but the purpose is to enhance a person's INNER fabulousness. Your style starts in your head. Establishing authentic personal style comes from knowing yourself well. Once agian, I was starting to get caught in what's supposed to be "hot" instead of what's me. I owe myself much better so the hair had to go. Once I came to this decision it made me a little scared because I didn't think I'd be stronger enough to withstand neative criticism from people who didn't understand why I cut it all off. I decided I that I really dont give a FUCK who has anything negative to say about it. I feel free. And LOVE WHAT I SEE! Muuahhh!

Me and my Many Hair Transitions:



Wednesday, January 5, 2011


     Awesome HEAD 2 TOE thrift ensamble! Blue Tweed skirt. LoVE!! Likey the flower shirt with the ruffles on the collar. A cool belt and hot pair of brown suede boots bring it together really nicely. Muuahhh! Show your face next time you coward. Ha ha ha ha!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

blue suede

Today was so Tough. I went to the thrift and had to put a lot of stuff back. But dream chasing takes sacrifice sooooooo.... I was only able to get 4 things! Ha! I put a number of things back for my BLUE LEATHER/SUEDE jacket. Its gorgeous, its soft, its real leather and I it was only 7 bucks at Value Village.