Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Do what you love!

    Nothing makes me happier or more excited than searching through racks and piles of moth ball scented goods for hidden treasures. I live in the thrift stores and the flea markets, I dream about rummaging through yard sales and finding curbside freebies to recover these discarded articles , and make them new and beautiful again. To me there is nothing more satisfying; not a degree , not the thought of making a ton of money, not a hot car, not even a hot guy! Well there is one thing, putting my creations to use! The finished product is always a masterpiece. Its my art and it is loads of fun!
       They say the one thing in this world that you would do for free is the thing that you were born to do. Doing what you love versus what earns you the most money, prestige or power makes a phenomenal difference in a person quality of life. It is the between being successful and being completely satisfied and sublimely happy. It unleashes the most powerful part of you that you may have never known existed. It conjures and warm glow that is both attractive and contagious. It is by far the best medicine. It is truly freeing and it is something that I highly recommend. Do what you love. Love what you see. Muuahhh! ~ Ade

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