Monday, December 20, 2010

NY Resolutions:Love what you see

This year I think I will do a little something different. Instead of nixing the resolutions all together I think Im going to redirect the focus of mine to ME and I encourage EVERYONE to do the same. Investing in yourself is a primary stepping stone to success ( I heard that somewhere). When you are happy and taken care of you are in a position to give love and help to others around you. If you are feeling deficient, longing and yearning for things that you think you can get from outside sources you'll never be in a position to help anyone else. The most authentic way to nurture and give love is to start from within. This is what it means to love what you see.

10.bikram yoga/bubble baths
9. sald and veggies with every meal
8. listen to more relaxing music
7. Make a new dish once a week and learn how to bake
6. learn how to sew
5. Draw/write/read everyday
4.get my hair done once a week
3.Plan a road trip to a place Ive never been before
2. meditate/8 glasses of water a day
1. 50 acts of kindness a day


  1. I want to get back into yoga too. I have been listening to more relaxing music like Moonlight Sonata. We have alot of the same goals-it's weird!!I do want to meditate more and drink more water. I put on my list to make more time for myself to better myself. My top goals are to get organized, go to church regularly, and to volunteer. I hope we get to accomplish many of our goals and not let this year past without concentrating on the things we want.

  2. I wanna get more organized too. It's long over due. I'm trying to take all of this stuff one step at a time, which means the fun stuff first! HA! Yes it is going to be a very Happy New Year! :) Virtual Toast to us and all the other Fabulous gals out there(especially the Gemini's).