Saturday, January 29, 2011


So I'm  a little bumbed cause I cant find my new red glasses at the moment. I actually do think that I know where they are. I'm guessing hidden in the heap of mess in my clothes closet. Meaning, its time to clean and get organized. However, I did find these beauties above which I have added to I have to say if they don't sell I wont be too upset cause that means I will get add them to my very sparse collection. Below are some pics of me playing in the mirror.Muuahhh!!!!!

I'm sure I'll find them soon.
 Just got these at laila rowe, in sale of course.
 Who makes Mr. Magoo look cooler than me? No one.
 Do I look like Kanye? Ha!
 Look kinda cross eyed here. But I love these go them for 3 bucks at the thrift.
 My favorite aviators from H&M. On their last leg.
 The blue ones.
Filenes for 5 dollar I love them.


  1. love all the glasses! come on over and enter our giveaway :)

  2. As a birthday gift which pair do I get? ;)

  3. wow, you have great collection of cool shades! btw, we will definitely be attending the event! :)