Monday, January 17, 2011

Finishing touch: An awesome inner circle :)

I spent the weekend in Philly and had a much needed girls weekend. I helped the girls shop for new pieces got treated to an top notch 3 course meal and topped everything off with my very favorite movie, SEX IN THE CITY!!! I did begin the weekend in bad shape. But it is very easy to get caught up in the sadness and miss the purpose of an undesirable situation. I am very blessed to have people in my life who not only care about me but really love me. It's extremely touching. This weekend was the perfect combination of friend food and fun! On friday I went followed my sister to several stores in Center City Philadelphia including two of my favorites Retrospect (vintage) and AIDS thrift, on 5th and Bainbridge where I helped her pick out several awesome pieces!( I will post pics later ). She did however gift me these awesome red glasses from Retrospect, which I will wear OOOOUUT!

We also visited and awesome consignment shop called Bella Boutique on 4th and south. Love! I saw this amazing Fausto Puglisi blue and red fur. This piece among several others was totally out of my price range and fabulous!Love the short sleeve and the green satin lining. Muuahhh! Didn't get to photograph everything that I loved cause we were in a hurry to make it to AIDS Thrift but the store is awesome.

 On Sunday we paid a visit to ETERNITY FASHIONS! Although not a vintage or thrift store  my sis and my friend found some very club dresses and bought me this phenomenal black beaded bag decorated with colorful wooden flowers. Its my fav! I can't wait to wear it!! I also want to mention that the bag was originally 35 dollars and the guy at the store lowered knocked the price down to 20. The staff was very polite and extremely attentive and we got some cool coupons for 20% off of our next purchase, though the store is already very affordable. Very cute leggings too ( pics coming soon!). Its in Center City on Chestnut street between 16th and 17th street.

Last but not least I got treated to an awesome dinner at table 31 which was a supreme experience. Very good food, wonderful service and of course the greatest company of all. I had the Margherita Pizza, The Roasted Norwegian Salmon and Scallops and for dessert Warm Apple Crostata ( took the crostata home and ate the ice cream at the restaurant so that's why there is no picture). All of which was yummy! Even though the weekend was about US and not me I sure did feel special and I also learned somethings like: appreciation is powerful and pivotal in the redirecting a negative circumstance and that "misery is selfish," which I don't think really needs much explanation. MUUAHHH!


  1. This weekend was great and sounds even better in writing lol. Um next time please site your sources for the quote at the end (just kidding.)Love you sister! Muuahhh!!!!!!

  2. Lol. I will remember cite my references properly next time! Muuahhh back attcha! :)

  3. Thankyou so much for your sweet comment girl. I loved reading it. Your shoes are amazing! Will you be posting pictures of you wearing them soon? Cant wait to see. I am a sucker for Vday. Hope you have an incredible day!! My day will most likely consist of watching movies, playing nintendo drinking tea and gazing into my boyfriends eyes(hahahaha) xoxo