Monday, January 10, 2011

My Princess Boy

      I just got finished watching  this clip of a this ultra fabulous show called " A New Day." This episode features a tremendously unique little boy and his awesome family. This little boy exemplifies whats it means to love what you see. Children don't know how to do anything else but love themselves and the world around them. However, adults corrupt and bombard them with what is "right" "wrong" "normal" exceptable etc., attempting to program their children like androids. It kills their creativity and stifles their self expression. As the psychologist in the clip mentions, it's important to guide and help harness your child's creativity and self expression because it makes them less suseptable to depression and anxiety and more likely to have high self esteem. At a time when little children are commiting suicide because that are terrified of what the world will do to them for expressing their true self this is something to seriously consider. I'm going I get the book, " My Princess Boy," as soon as possible.

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