Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wear it. Don't let it wear you out! : Me and my hair

    So I decided I wanted a new look! Which is always supposed to be fun, right? Well in this case it was a very emotional. Initially I wanted to do a really cool mohawk  and color my hair and just a whole bunch of craziness. But I had to refocus the vision for my look because I realized that my scalp infection was still healing. So all of my hair plans would have to come to a hault. I was so bumbed out I started crying! Ridiculous, right?! I have always been overly comsumed with my hair, always. Infact as long as I can remember my hair has dictated my mood in general. If I dont like the way my hair looks I can never take my mind off of it enough to enjoy the moment or focus on something I want to accomplish. It's been a sick obession of mine for almost all of my life. I hate even wearing a cute outfit if I dont like my hair. So the realization I came to after I was done being dramactic was that, " I AM NOT MY DAMN HAIR!" It really is time to grow-up in 2011. Developing true personal style happens from the inside out. Dressing up is tons of fun but the purpose is to enhance a person's INNER fabulousness. Your style starts in your head. Establishing authentic personal style comes from knowing yourself well. Once agian, I was starting to get caught in what's supposed to be "hot" instead of what's me. I owe myself much better so the hair had to go. Once I came to this decision it made me a little scared because I didn't think I'd be stronger enough to withstand neative criticism from people who didn't understand why I cut it all off. I decided I that I really dont give a FUCK who has anything negative to say about it. I feel free. And LOVE WHAT I SEE! Muuahhh!

Me and my Many Hair Transitions:




  1. Woohoo!!!!!! I love your attitude about this. I wish I could take some clippers to this fat but I have come to terms with losing weight the old fashion way-eat less (but real/prepared food)and workout more. I AM NOT MY FAT! LOLOL :)

  2. LMAO! Your crazy girl. But you are right you are not your weight!