Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rihanna News - Rihanna's 'S&M' Video: Banned in 11 Countries and Censured on YouTube...BUT! CHECK OUT RAHEEM DAVAUGHN'S HOT AND HEAVY VIDEO

Rihanna News - Rihanna's 'S&M' Video: Banned in 11 Countries? - Celebuzz

Ok so I think most people already know that Rihanna's new video "S&M," which fashionably fabulous and might I add genius in it's message to stick it to judgmental and extremely cruel public, has been banned in 11 countries for being to sexy. Complete and utter bullshit in my opinion, but whatever. However I'm not really sure how many people have seen Raheem DaVaughn's video, "She's Single," which in my opinion is waayyyyy more scandalous than anything in the Rihanna video. Now I understand that the Raheem Video is not being aired on television (to my knowledge anyway). However, YouTube has put an advisory on the Rihanna video and requires viewers (18 and over ) to sign in in order to watch it.Whereas, all you have do to see the Raheem video is type that bad boy up and wala! Now I actually really love both video's. I love both artists and I think both songs give you something to think about. But the Raheem video is much more scandalous in my opinion and the shock factor is like 10 times greater than S&M. I hope no one mistakes this post for me knocking Raheem. His music is superb,and he has loads of style. I'm just saying that I definitely don't think it's cool of YouTube to perpetuate a double standard like that. If you are gonna censure one than censure the other. Click on the link above and the video below to compare.Let me know what you think. Muuahhh!


  1. I haven't seen the Rihanna video yet, but I can understand this one getting yanked off the air. I agree that they should be judged equally if they are equally as sexually explicit... With that being said... I miss the days of BET's Uncut, lol.

  2. BET UNCUT! Wow take me back to college lol!

  3. You really should give this post some more publicity or something.