Wednesday, March 2, 2011

interview with Zandra Rhodes captured by Retox Magazine

So spring is coming(WOOHOO!)and the 70's look is everywhere right now and I know I'm gonna see some even cooler 70's inspired ensembles in the spring and summer. I decided I wanted to post about a really cool 70's designer and I LOVE Zandra Rhodes so I picked her:). Above is an interview with the brilliant designer. I found some photos and a cool video of one of her fashion show's. I also found a video of a fashion show from the 70's. It's not a Zandra Rhodes show but you do get to see Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and even John Lennon! There is also a link below so that you can read a little bit about her. Enjoy! Muuahhh!

Go to: to learn more about Zandra Rhodes.


  1. I need all of these dresses for the upcoming events!! Make it happen maid-of-honor!!!!

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